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2007.04.06(Review of 2004.02.05 edition)

Hello again!

Today we'd like you to imagine that you're a beer manufacturer. Now imagine what it would do for your sales if James Dean could be clearly seen drinking a bottle of your brew in one of his three greatest films. Now you understand the power of today's @Work edition!

Today's Lesson
PRODUCT PLACEMENT   プロダクト・プレイスメント


  • Product placement is a way of advertising a product by paying for it to appear in a movie or TV program.
  • product placement は、対価を払って、映画やテレビ番組の中に自社製品を登場させる広告手法のことです。


  1. Some examples of product placement, such as when a well-known actor is shown smoking a particular brand of cigarette, can be controversial.
  2. (discussing how to advertise a breakfast cereal)
    How about using some of our advertising budget for product placement? We could have the cereal featured in a daytime drama or soap opera.
  3. (after watching a movie on DVD)
    a: There was way too much product placement in that movie.
    b: How about watching it again and seeing who can spot the most brands? ... Just kidding!

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