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Although spending money on the finer things in life can be a real pleasure, wealth is never so sweet as when it's growing and making you richer. So let's invest a little time this week in a series devoted to the best kind of money - the kind that works for you!

Today's Lesson
CAPITAL   資本、元金


  • Capital is the money or property owned by a person or organization, especially when it is used to create more money, such as through investment.
  • capital とは、個人や組織が所有する資金や不動産などのことで、特に、投資などによって、さらにお金を生み出すために使われるものをさします。



  1. After the merger, it will become the 9th largest corporation in the country, with capital estimated at $300 million.
  2. It took me three years to raise enough capital to start my business.
  3. With a million dollars invested at 5%, we could live off the interest without ever touching the capital.

英会話レッスンNow that was money AND TIME well spent!