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2007.08.02(Review of 2003.09.22 edition)

If you lend someone your hard-earned capital, it's only natural to expect something in return!

Today's Lesson


  • The return or returns (noun) on an investment are the profits made on that investment.

    If an investment returns (verb), for example, 10%, you earn a 10% profit on that investment.

    The abbreviation ROI stands for return on investment.
  • 名詞の return または returns は、投資によって得た利益のことです。

    return には動詞の意味もあり、例えば、an investment returns 10% であれば、投資によって10パーセントの利益を稼いだ、という意味になります。

    ROI という省略形は、return on investment (投資収益率)のことです。



  1. I bought 700 shares of stock in that company a few years ago, but I've seen very little return on my money so far.
  2. A basic rule of investing is that higher returns carry higher risk.
  3. My broker told me that I can expect an average rate of return of from 8 to 10% annually if I invest in this fund.
  4. (broker to client)
    You're 25 years old, right? Well, if your investments return 8% per year, you only need to invest about $3600 each year to be a millionaire by the time you're 65!
  5. By offering free wireless Internet in our coffee houses, we've increased our monthly revenue by 10%. As the set-up and running costs of the service are low, that's an excellent return on investment.
  6. Our analysis of expected ROI for various advertising media suggests that our marketing dollars would be best spent on magazine and newspaper ads.

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