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2007.08.09(Review of 2003.11.20 edition)

Actors have their understudies fill in when they're sick, injured, or otherwise unavailable. Well, think of today's topic as a sort of understudy for corporate executives!

Today's Lesson
ACTING (director)   臨時の、代理の(取締役代行)


  • In job titles, the word acting - as in “acting director” - means temporary. Someone with such a title is doing a job while the usual person is away or until someone permanent is found.
  • 肩書きについて acting と言うと、一時的な、という意味になります。この肩書きをもつ人は、通常、ある仕事をする人が不在のとき、あるいは、適任者が見つかるまでの間、その仕事をします。

ACTING (director)


  1. Emiko was acting president for eight months until a new president was appointed.
  2. Because George was only the acting director, he didn't feel comfortable making big changes in the department.
  3. We'd like you to fill in as Acting General Counsel while Carl is recovering.

英会話レッスンIMPORTANT! The WordMaster will be away all next week for his annual Obon holiday. As a consequence, there will be no @Work Challenge Test tomorrow, but rather one more edition to wrap up this week's set on “Careers”. See you then!