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2007.08.10(Review of 2003.11.17 edition)


As we mentioned at the end of yesterday's edition, the WordMaster will be away all next week for the Obon holiday, taking it slow and easy. We hope you've got something equally pleasant lined up for the break as well.

And, as also noted, instead of the usual @Work Challenge for this 2nd Friday of the month, today we're bringing you one more regular edition - another great excuse for taking things slow and easy!

Today's Lesson
SINECURE   名誉職、閑職


  • A sinecure is a paid position that requires a person to do little or no work.
  • sinecure は、給与は支払われるけれども、ほとんど仕事をする必要がない、または全く仕事がない役職、つまり、名誉職、閑職のことをさします。



  1. He's the owner's son. From what I understand, he doesn't really do anything; his job is just a sinecure.
  2. She thought the diplomatic post to the tiny nation would essentially be a sinecure. But when refugees from a neighboring country began flooding in, she had her hands full.
  3. When her health began to fail and the cost of treatment had nearly drained away her savings, we decided to create a sinecure for her in appreciation of her long years of service.

英会話レッスンEnjoy the long Obon holiday, and we'll see you back here on Monday, the 20th!