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2007.09.21(Review of 2004.03.31 edition)

   “One good turn deserves another.”
      “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”
        “What goes around comes around.”

Whether you believe in passing on the kindness, the need to revenge cruelty, or the reality of karmic fate, here's an expression that might give you a little more to say on the subject!

Today's Lesson


  • To return the compliment is to do something good for someone or bad to someone because they did something similar for or to you.
  • return the compliment は、いいことでも悪いことでも、相手にしてもらったことに対してお返しをする、という意味です。



  1. (back from vacation)
    Thanks for watering the plants while I was away. I hope I can return the compliment some day.
  2. Do you remember those concert tickets you gave me last year? Well, I'd like to return the compliment. How would you like some free passes to Berlitz Fantasyland?
  3. A rival store opened right next to ours and stole nearly half of our customers. So we returned the compliment by making our prices so low that they were forced to close after only four months.

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