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If you're not exactly the type of person who'll share their entire marital history with a stranger at the bus stop, then here's a word you should have no trouble understanding!

Today's Lesson
RESERVED   控えめな、遠慮がちな、よそよそしい


  • If someone is reserved, they tend to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves, often appearing cool and formal.
  • reserved とは、考えや感情を人には話さない傾向がある、という性格をさします。結果として、しばしば冷静でよそよそしい印象を与えることがあります。



  1. My supervisor is rather reserved and hands-off, rarely leaving his office except to attend meetings.
  2. I've always thought of Americans as loud and outgoing, but Andy is a very quiet, reserved man.
  3. (co-workers at an office party)
    a: Janet's always been so shy and reserved, but look at her now - dancing the lambada with the vice president! What's gotten into her?
    b: About three very strong martinis, I think.

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