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Here are two opposites for the word “arrogant”, the topic of yesterday's edition. We like the sound of these a whole lot better!

Today's Lesson
HUMBLE / MODEST   謙虚な、つつましやかな


  • If someone is humble or modest, they feel that they are no better or more important than others and tend not to talk about their own accomplishments or abilities.
  • humble または modest とは、自分がほかの人よりも優れていたり、重要だったりするわけではないと考え、自らの功績や能力について多くを語らないようにしている人をさします。



  1. She's very hardworking, quiet and humble, and hasn't a single enemy in the office.
  2. (member of the Board of Directors)
    He's such a humble man. He was honestly surprised that we wanted him to be the next president.
  3. Despite her enormous business success, she's always been a very modest woman.
  4. a: My English is still very poor, I'm afraid.
    b: Don't be so modest. Your English is excellent!
  5. (giving advice to a friend)
    A job interview is no time to be modest about your achievements. You're going to have to boast a little.

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