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If you're in the market for a new car, then we've got your number!

Today's Lesson
STICKER PRICE   (特に自動車などの)店頭表示価格


  • The sticker price of a car or other motor vehicle is its list price.
  • sticker price とは、乗用車をはじめとする自動車の定価、つまり、店頭表示価格のことです。



  1. What's the sticker price on a 7-passenger Berlitz van these days?
  2. I've never had to pay the sticker price for a new car. I've always managed to get at least 5-10 percent off just by asking the dealer for a discount.
  3. (car dealer to customer)
    I'll give you $1500 off the sticker price and zero-percent financing if you sign the papers today.

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