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Today's Lesson


  • The market price of a product is the price that is most commonly being paid for it at the time.
  • market price とは、その時期にある商品に対して支払われる、最も一般的な価格、つまり、市価、相場のことです。



  1. (fictional news report)
    The world market price for oil soared to $102 per barrel on Tuesday on news that the OPEC cartel is planning huge cuts in production.
  2. (resident of a city somewhere in Europe)
    It's a buyer's market here these days, and more and more people are being forced to sell at below the market price.
  3. The ministry has gotten itself into some very hot water by paying well over the market price for office equipment and supplies from a company with links to the minister's brother.
  4. (real estate agent to client)
    We'll determine the market price of your home by reviewing current listings and the prices at which similar homes located near yours have been sold in the last month.

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