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2007.11.27(Review of 2006.01.17 edition)

Many of us might be embarrassed to admit we had a fight with someone at the office, but having a “run-in” doesn't sound quite so bad. Isn't it nice how language lets us paint our lives in a more flattering light!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
RUN-IN   口論


  • A run-in is an argument or fight.
  • run-in とは、言い争いや喧嘩のことです。



  1. Fred had another run-in with his supervisor. You could hear them shouting throughout the whole office!
  2. (two newspaper reporters)
    a: What's wrong?
    b: I just had a run-in on the phone with someone from the School Board.
    He was upset about how we covered the story on school lunches.
  3. After my third run-in with a motorist, I just gave up cycling to work. Now I take the train.
  4. Did you hear about Marty's son? He had a run-in with the police. They caught him drinking and driving.

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