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For Life
2008.06.06(Review of 2001.08.09 edition)

After spending the week slicing up the days, it's time to put the pieces back together again!

Today's Lesson
ALL (day)   (1日)中


  • To do something all day is to do it from early in the day until late (= from morning until evening).

    We can also say all night, all week, all year, etc.
  • all day は、朝早くから夜遅くまで、つまり1日中という意味です。

    同じように、all night(1晩中)、all week(1週間ずっと)、all year(1年中)などと言うこともできます。

ALL (day)


  1. I was sick all day yesterday. I couldn't do anything except lie in bed.
  2. How can you spend all day in front of the TV when it's so beautiful outside?
  3. I was up all night studying for my finals (= end-of-term exams).
  4. I'm afraid I'm busy all week. Let's try to get together next week, shall we?
  5. It's the city's 100th birthday. They're celebrating all year with dozens of special events.

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