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You can “follow the leader,” “follow the pack,” or “follow your instincts.” But if none of those expressions make any sense to you, how about beginning with this one?

Today's Lesson
FOLLOW (= understand)   理解する


  • To follow what someone is saying is to understand it.
  • follow とは、人が言っていることを理解する、という意味です。

FOLLOW (= understand)


  1. Would you mind speaking more slowly? I'm having trouble following you.
  2. (students, after Mr. Hanson's science class)
    a: I wasn't able to follow Mr. Hanson's explanation of ozone depletion at all.
    b: It was difficult for me to follow, too.
  3. (watching a foreign language film)
    Can you follow what they're saying without reading the subtitles?

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