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For Life
2008.10.16(Review of 2002.01.31 edition)

Here's an expression that urges us to imagine possibilities - never a bad use of one's time!

Today's Lesson
WHAT IF ...?   もし〜だったらどうなりますか。


  • The expression What if ...? can be used to ask “What will/would happen if ...?”
  • What if ... ? という表現は、もし〜だったらどうなるか、という意味です。

WHAT IF ...?


  1. a: I don't believe all that stuff about global warming.
    b: But what if it's true?
  2. a: What if someone calls while you're out?
    b: Just take a message.
  3. a: What if the airline doesn't let you take both bags on the plane?
    b: Then I'll just check the other one in.
  4. What if you didn't have a television? How do you think you'd spend your time?
  5. a: What if you could see the future?
    b: I probably wouldn't worry about things so much.

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