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2008.01.21(Review of 2005.11.07 edition)

Hello again! We've got a neat little week in store for you. Just four small words - 25 letters in total - but, oh, how they'll work for you when used right! You'll find them especially valuable in e-mail and other business correspondence! Use often and enjoy!

Today's Lesson
INFORM   知らせる


  • To inform someone is to give them information about something.
  • inform とは、何かについての情報を与える、つまり、知らせる、という意味です。



  1. (to a client)
    I'll inform my supervisor of your request. I'm sure he'll have an answer for you in a few days.
  2. I plan to submit my resignation in March, but I wanted to inform you well in advance so that you can begin looking for my successor.
  3. (an announcement in a newspaper)
    This is to inform our readers that, as of next week, this paper will no longer carry the “Berlitz Buzz” business news column.
  4. ADVISOR: Mr. President, there was an accident at our main plant. About seven hours ago ...
    PRESIDENT: Seven hours ago! Why wasn't I informed about this earlier?

英会話レッスンIt is our sad duty to inform you that today's WordMaster@Work is now officially over!