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2008.01.22(Review of 2005.11.08 edition)

If you've got some important information that needs to be given to the right person, we've got the right word for you to use!

Today's Lesson
NOTIFY   通知する


  • To notify someone is to tell them something, usually in an official way.
  • notify とは、何かを(通常正式に)通知する、という意味です。



  1. Don't forget to notify the post office of our new address so they can forward any mail that's sent to the old address.
  2. (an angry customer to a restaurant owner)
    Your restaurant must be in violation of about half a dozen health regulations. I'm going to notify the Public Health Department.
  3. (on a company's home page)
    Please notify the webmaster if you experience any problems using our Web site.
  4. When were employees notified about the new dress code?
  5. (e-mail from a DVD rental club)
    This is to notify you that, effective February 1st, your membership will expire.

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