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2008.02.13(Review of 2006.05.23 edition)

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Today's Lesson
PRIVATE   個人的な、私的な


  • Something is private if it concerns, belongs to, or is meant for only one particular person or group of people, and not others.

    The noun form is privacy.
  • private とは、特定の個人や集団だけに関係がある、属している、あるいは意味がある、ということで、他の人たちや他の集団には関係がない、つまり、個人的な、私的な、という意味です。

    名詞形は privacy です。



  1. Many people believe that religion is a private matter that should not be discussed in social settings.
  2. Excuse me, but this is a private beach for hotel guests only. The public beach is further down.
  3. The CEO's private e-mails were used as evidence in the lawsuit against the company.
  4. How can I be sure that my data will be kept private?
  5. (on a company Web site)
    We respect each customer's right to privacy. We will never sell or rent your information to any third party.
  6. According to their privacy policy, anonymous user data is sometimes collected for statistical purposes.

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