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2008.02.14(Review of 2006.05.24 edition)

Hello, and happy “giri choco” day! Whether you're giving or receiving everyone's favorite confection today, we hope the day brings you ever closer to all the important people in your life!

Today's Lesson
SECURE   安全な


  • If a thing, place, or situation is secure, it is safe or there is no risk that someone will have access to it without permission.

    The noun form is security.
  • secure とは、ものや場所、状況が無事で、誰かが許可なく近づく恐れがない、つまり、安全な、という意味です。

    名詞形は security です。



  1. Our privacy policy guarantees that your credit card number and other personal information will remain confidential and secure from unauthorized access or use.
  2. We've installed a state-of-the-art alarm system to make the building more secure.
  3. Because of recent violence in the area, the president will be traveling under tight security.
  4. Stricter airport security measures may result in longer waits.
  5. (hotel front desk clerk)
    I'm sorry, but for security reasons we cannot give a room key to anyone whose name is not included on the reservation.

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