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2008.03.13(Review of 2006.05.11 edition)

Pony Express riders with their cowboy hats flapping in the wind no longer crisscross the American continent, but their spirit rides on!

Today's Lesson


  • Express delivery or express mail is a service for sending documents or packages that is faster than the post office's regular service.

    To send documents or packages express is to send them by express delivery.
  • express deliveryexpress mail とは、通常よりも早く、文書や荷物を送る配達方法のことです。

    send documents または packages express と言うと、文書や荷物を速達で送る、という意味になります。



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    With our same-day express delivery service, your urgent documents get there faster than ever - guaranteed!
  2. (at the post office)
    CUSTOMER: This package needs to arrive as soon as possible. Don't you have anything faster?
    CLERK: Well, there's overnight express mail. That would get it there by sometime tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Postage will be $2.70, or $4.20 if you send it express.

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