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Today's Lesson
(club) MEMBERSHIP   会員権、会員、会員数


  • A membership is the state of belonging to a club, society, or similar organization.

    It is also the group of people, or the number of people, who belong to the organization.
  • membership とは、クラブや協会などの組織に属している、ということです。




  1. Amenities at this firm include an employee dining area - great food, by the way! - and a fitness club membership.
  2. There's a long waiting list for membership at the Berlitz Country Club.
  3. a: Are you going to renew your membership at the film society?
    b: I'm not sure yet. I think I'll wait to see if they raise the membership fee.
  4. Museum membership is currently over 11,000 and is growing every year.
  5. Our membership voted to re-elect Victor for another term as club president.

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