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2008.06.04(Review of 2006.02.15 edition)

Hello, and welcome to the Wednesday WordMaster@Work - Step 3 of the WordMaster's 5-step program for improving workplace performance! We recommend a careful reading of today's edition, starting from the top and working your way, line by line, to the bottom!

Today's Lesson


  • Someone is methodical if they do things in a careful, orderly way.
  • 人について methodical という場合、物事を慎重に、また整然としたやり方で行う、つまり、几帳面な、という意味です。



  1. He's an organized, methodical worker who schedules his work and never starts a project without a carefully prepared plan.
  2. Shigeo takes a very methodical approach to everything he does.
  3. My accountant methodically double-checked each entry in the books until she found the error.

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