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2008.06.05(Review of 2006.02.16 edition)

Here's an edition for those of you with no time to waste!

Today's Lesson


  • Something or someone is efficient if they are able to do what is needed without wasting time, energy, money, etc.

    Efficiency is the ability to do something in an efficient way. It is also a measure of how efficient something - such as a factory or machine - is.
  • efficient とは、時間やエネルギー、費用などを無駄にすることなく、必要なことを実行できる、つまり、有能な、という意味です。

    名詞形の efficiency とは、物事を効率よく行える能力、つまり、能率のことです。また、工場や機械がどのぐらい効率的であるかを測る基準を意味することもあります。



  1. Reading this book on time management has really helped me improve my work habits and become a much more efficient worker.
  2. Taking the whole day to do my own taxes isn't an efficient use of my time. It makes more sense for me to hire a tax accountant.
  3. Thanks to Kyle's efficiency in the office, things are running so much more smoothly.
  4. We've streamlined some of the more labor-intensive tasks and increased production efficiency in the plant by 20%.

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