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If you're excited about the coming week and wondering what the WordMaster has prepared for you this time, then we'll be happy to satisfy your excited curiosity: The keyword for the week is “made”, a word that's often used in manufacturing and sales. We hope you enjoy this week's editions!

Today's Lesson
READY-MADE   既製品、既製の


  • If food, clothes, etc. are ready-made, they can be eaten, worn, etc. right away because they are already fully prepared.
  • ready-made とは、食品や服などが、すでに完全に出来上がっている状態であるため、すぐに食べたり着たりできること、つまり、既製品、既製品の、という意味です。



  1. (fictional advertisement)
    Introducing our new line of ready-made vegetarian meals for busy, health-conscious people like you. Just heat in the microwave for three to five minutes and dinner is served!
  2. I buy my suits ready-made. They're so much cheaper and fit just fine.
  3. It's easy to make resumes these days using the ready-made templates that come with most word processing software.

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