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2008.07.17(Review of 2005.06.30 edition)

A guitar string wound too tightly not only destroys an instrument's harmony, but it's also usually the first to snap and be discarded for a new one. Hmm ... a compelling argument for staying loose, don't you think?

Today's Lesson
UPTIGHT   神経質な、いらいらして


  • If someone is uptight, they can't relax because they're nervous, worried, annoyed, or angry.
  • uptight は、神経質になっていたり、心配したり、いらいらしたり、怒っていたりして、リラックスできない状態をさします。



  1. My boss is an extremely uptight person. It would be so nice if he could be more laid-back.
  2. I get rather uptight when I have to meet new people. I've never been very comfortable in social situations.
  3. The front office has become so uptight about how people use their e-mail accounts. We just got another memo from them with a list of about 15 guidelines we “must” follow.
  4. (after being angrily criticized by a co-worker)
    Hey, take it easy! What are you so uptight about?

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