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2008.08.28(Review of 2006.06.29 edition)


If you know what a “food processor” is, then you've got a good head start for understanding today's topic!

Today's Lesson
PROCESS (v.)   処理する


  • To process a request, order, application, etc., is to handle it using a series of (often fixed) steps.
  • 動詞の process とは、(多くの場合、すでに決まっている)一連の手順に従って、要求や注文、申請などを行う、という意味です。



  1. We've had to hire a temp to help us process all the e-mail inquiries we're receiving these days.
  2. Orders are usually processed within five business days after receiving the completed order form.
  3. My loan application is still being processed. I should know whether the loan has been approved or not by the end of the week.

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