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2008.08.29(Review of 2006.06.30 edition)

Sometimes the amount of paperwork required to do something is so great that it's not worth the trouble. If a pile of paperwork has ever made you “see red” (= become angry), then here's an expression you should be able to relate to!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
RED TAPE   官僚的形式主義、お役所流


  • Red tape is a set of official procedures that take much time and seem unnecessary.
  • red tape とは、不必要で時間がかかる、一連の形式的な手続きのことです。



  1. I don't understand why we have to deal with so much red tape just to get permission to make a few simple renovations to the store.
  2. I have a friend in the ward office who was able to cut through (= quickly deal with) some of the red tape and expedite my application.
  3. (a fictional news story)
    Parliament has just passed a bill that will eliminate (= get rid of) much of the bureaucratic red tape involved in the drug approval process.

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