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2008.10.09(Review of 2005.12.08 edition)

As things rarely go as smoothly as we would like, it's always nice to have some extra time to deal with unexpected problems. So why not start the planning stage early, right?

Today's Lesson
PLAN AHEAD   前もって計画する


  • To plan ahead is to make decisions or arrangements well before a deadline or scheduled event in the future.
  • plan ahead とは、締切りや今後予定されている出来事の前に、決定を下したり、しっかり準備をする、という意味です。



  1. The key to successful time management is to plan ahead.
  2. My mother always told me to plan ahead if I want a comfortable retirement, so I started investing from my first paycheck.
  3. They failed to plan ahead, left everything to the last minute, and ended up missing their deadline.

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