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This week is about over ... er, that is, it's about “Over”, the week's theme. Each day we'll be looking at a different word that begins with the prefix “over-”, used to show that something is done too much. By the time the week really IS over, we hope you'll agree that, when it comes to WordMaster, you can never get too much!

Today's Lesson
OVERWORK   働き過ぎる、過度に働かせる


  • To overwork (verb) is to work too long or too hard or to make someone else work too long or too hard.

    The noun form is also overwork.
  • overwork (動詞)とは、長い時間働く、もしくは、仕事をし過ぎる、またはそのように人を働かせる、という意味です。

    名詞形も overwork で、働き過ぎ、過労、という意味です。



  1. After half a career spent overworking and sacrificing his health and family, he finally got smart and made some major life changes.
  2. a: You look overworked.
    b:  That's because my supervisor is a real slave driver who thinks it's his job to overwork employees.
  3. My father was an overworked middle manager who never knew how to balance work with play.
  4. He became sick from years of overwork.

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