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Today's @Work topics are THE classic storage options!

Today's Lesson
SHELF / CABINET   棚/キャビネット


  • A shelf is a (usually) rectangular piece of wood, glass, metal, etc., attached at a 90-degree angle to a wall or piece of furniture and used to hold objects.

    A cabinet is a piece of furniture with shelves or drawers where things can be stored.
  • shelf とは、木やガラスや金属などで出来た、壁や家具に垂直に取り付けられて、物を置いておくのに使われる、長方形の物体、つまり、棚のことです。

    cabinet とは、物を保管することができる棚や、棚や引き出しの付いた家具、つまり、たんすやキャビネットのことです。



  1. (notice at a library)
    Please put books back on the shelves when you're done with them.
  2. (at an office)
    a: Where do you keep the printer cartridges?
    b: In that cabinet, on the top shelf.
  3. This file cabinet is for storing confidential documents, so always be sure to keep it locked.

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