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Welcome back!

Today we shed some light on an aspect of interior design that, more than any other, determines the mood of an office. We think you'll find it illuminating!

Today's Lesson


  • Lighting is the amount and quality of light in a room, office, etc., or the equipment that produces it.

    Some lights you might find in an office are:
    fluorescent light
    ceiling light
    desk lamp
    floor lamp
    hanging lamp
  • Lighting とは、部屋や会社などの光の量と質、または、光を作り出す設備、つまり、照明のことです。

    会社で見かける照明の例: fluorescent light   蛍光灯ceiling light天井灯desk lamp(卓上)電気スタンドfloor lamp室内照明hanging lamp吊りランプ



  1. The new lighting in the office makes it a lot easier to work on my computer now. There used to be so much glare on the monitor.
  2. We're renovating the office and putting in all new lighting.
  3. a: I really like the warm lighting in your living room.
    b: Thanks. There was only a fluorescent ceiling light when we first moved here, which we wasted no time getting rid of.
  4. You left your desk lamp on all night again.

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