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For Life
2009.01.08(Review of 2004.01.16 edition)

May we see some ID, please?

Today's Lesson
CARD (someone)   身分証明書の呈示を求める


  • To card (verb) someone is to ask them to show identification (for example, a driver's license) to prove that they are old enough to do a particular activity, such as buy alcoholic beverages.
  • card (動詞)は、アルコール類を買う、などの特定の行為ができる年齢に達しているか確認するために、(運転免許証などの)身分証明書の呈示を求める、という意味です。

CARD (someone)


  1. That club is very strict. They card everyone at the door - no exceptions.
  2. a: Why would a casino card you if they don't even serve alcohol?
    b: Because minors aren't allowed to gamble either.
  3. I was at the supermarket buying a bottle of wine and you know what happened? I was carded! I mean, I'm almost thirty!
  4. They've started carding people at the movie theater because parents were complaining that underage teens were being sold tickets for R-rated movies.

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