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For Life
2009.03.05(Review of 2004.04.01 edition)

Although it may not be politically correct to admit it, today's WordMaster edition is based upon the belief that all clocks are NOT created equal!

Today's Lesson
(the clock is) FAST/SLOW/RIGHT/WRONG


  • A clock or watch is fast if the time it shows is LATER than the actual time.

    It's slow if the time it shows is EARLIER than the actual time.

    It's right if the time it shows is the ACTUAL time.

    It's wrong if the time it shows is NOT the actual time.
  • 時計について fast と言うと、時計が実際より先の時刻を示している、つまり、進んでいる、という意味になります。

    slow と言うと、時計が実際より前の時刻を示している、つまり、遅れている、という意味になります。

    right は、時計が正確な時刻を示している、つまり、あっている、という意味です。

    wrong は、時計が実際と違う時刻を示している、つまり、間違っている、という意味です。

(the clock is) FAST/SLOW/RIGHT/WRONG


  1. (looking at a clock)
    a: We'd better hurry. Look at the time!
    b: Don't worry. That clock's fast.
  2. (arriving late at the office)
    HANA'S BOSS: You're late, Hana.
    HANA: I'm sorry. I guess my watch is a little slow.
  3. a: I think the clock on the wall is wrong. It says 5:00, but my watch says 5:10.
    b: No, I'm sure it's right; I just set it. Your watch must be wrong.

英会話レッスンTake it slow today, all right?