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For Life

Hello again! Thank you for taking the time to join us in celebrating the start of April. We hope today's edition puts a spring in your step!

Today's Lesson
(That's a) GOOD IDEA.   (それは)いい考えですね。


  • To say that a suggestion is a good idea or not a bad idea means that you like it or agree with it.

    If you'd like to show that you REALLY like or STRONGLY agree with a suggestion, you can say that it's a great idea, a terrific idea, a wonderful idea, etc.
  • ある提案について good idea または not a bad idea と言うと、その提案が気に入った、またはその提案に賛成している、ということを表します。

    ある提案について、とても気に入ったり、強く賛成したりすることを表そうとする場合、 great ideaterrific ideawonderful idea などと言うことができます。

(That's a) GOOD IDEA.


  1. a: I think we should have everyone introduce themselves before we start the meeting.
    b: Good idea.
  2. a: Why don't we get Bob and Barb a rice cooker for their wedding?
    b: That's not a bad idea.
  3. (teachers at an elementary school)
    a: Today I'm going to make sushi rolls with my Japanese class - teach them a little bit of Japanese culture and some cooking vocabulary at the same time.
    b: Oh, that's a terrific idea!
  4. a: I've printed out all the WordMasters from the past nine years and am wallpapering my apartment with them.
    b: What a great idea! Maybe I'll do that, too.

英会話レッスンSo, what do you have on your walls? :)