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For Life

Hello! It's good to see you again! As always, we haven't come empty-handed. We've brought you four sparkling new words PLUS a charming little end-of-the-week Challenge for Friday. Who says Christmas doesn't come in April?

Today's Lesson
COZY   気持ちの良い、こぢんまりした、心地良い


  • To be cozy is to be warm and comfortable, especially (when talking about a place) because it is small.
  • cozy とは、暖かくて心地良い、という意味で、(場所について言うときは)特に、こぢんまりしていることをさします。



  1. (walking into their hotel room after checking in)
    Isn't this a cozy little room?
  2. We found a cozy spot by a sunny window and ordered breakfast.
  3. (coming inside on a cold day)
    Make yourself cozy by the fire. I'll put on some tea.
  4. (to someone reading a book while sitting under a kotatsu)
    You sure look cozy!

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