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For Life

Someday somewhere someone something sometimes.

Ah! “Some” words have all the fun!

Today's Lesson
SOMEHOW   どういうわけか、なんとかして


  • To do something somehow is to do it for a reason that is not clear or known, or (especially something difficult) in a way that is not clear or known.
  • do something somehow は、理由がはっきりせず、分からずに何かをする、または、(特に、難しいことを)やり方がはっきりせず、分からずにする、という意味です。



  1. a: You look different somehow.
    b: I got new glasses.
  2. There I was, a woman alone at night in the middle of a big, unfamiliar city, but somehow I felt safe.
  3. Even though I didn't speak a word of Thai, somehow we were able to communicate.
  4. (after reading a notice at a train station)
    a: The trains aren't running! Now what are we going to do?
    b: Don't worry. We'll get there somehow.

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