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If you could breed materials, this is what you might get if you crossed wood with paper!

Today's Lesson
CARDBOARD   ボール紙、段ボール


  • Cardboard (uncountable noun) is a stiff, light material like thick paper, that's used for making boxes, signs, etc.
  • cardboard (数えられない名詞)は、厚紙のような堅くて軽い素材のことで、箱や標識などを作るのに用いられます。



  1. We packed up all our stuff in cardboard boxes and rented a truck to move them.
  2. a: Don't you need another piece of wood for the back of the picture frame?
    b: No, I'll just use a piece of cardboard.
  3. (to a store clerk)
    Do you have any disposable cameras that are made of cardboard rather than plastic?
  4. The kids made toy swords out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

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