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It's great to see you again! We hope your Golden Week was great fun, and we promise you there's more fun to come today and tomorrow. Trust us, things have definitely taken a “turn” for the better!

Today's Lesson
(your) TURN   (あなたの)番


  • When two or more people do something one person after the other, someone's turn is their time to do it.
  • someone's turn とは、複数の人が交代で何かをする時に、その人の順番になる、という意味です。

(your) TURN


  1. It's your turn to do the dishes. I did them last night.
  2. (playing cards)
    a: Who's turn is it?
    b: We're going clockwise around the table, so it's Lisa's turn.
  3. (doing “suika-wari” at a party)
    1st CHILD: I want to try!
    2nd CHILD: No, I want to do it!
    ADULT: Don't worry. Everyone will get a turn.
  4. (at a bank)
    CUSTOMER: I'm in rather a hurry.
    TELLER: I'm sorry, but you'll just have to take a number and wait for your turn.
  5. (playing a board game)
    Hey, I think you skipped my turn. I was supposed to roll the dice after Haruko.

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