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For Life
2009.10.16 (Review of 2002.05.23 edition)


Here's another WordMaster edition that's proud to stand on its own two feet!

Today's Lesson
(ON) YOUR OWN   独力で、ひとりで


  • To do your own something - for example, to make your own lunch - or to do something on your own is to do it without anyone's help.

    On your own can also mean “alone.”
  • do your own something または do something on your own は、誰にも手伝ってもらわないで何かをする、という意味です。例えば make your own lunch(自分で弁当を作る)のように言います。

    on your own には、誰かと一緒ではなくひとりきりで、という意味もあります。



  1. Can you make your own dinner tonight? I won't be home until late.
  2. Julie makes her own clothes to save money.
  3. (Tommy is 3 years old)
    Tommy learned to write his own name recently.
  4. It takes a lot of courage to try to start a business on your own.
  5. My old girlfriend said that she learned Italian on her own by listening to opera.
  6. a: How do you like living on your own?
    b: It's OK. But I miss my family sometimes.

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