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For Life
2009.12.07(Review of 2004.10.21 edition)

Welcome back!

Like the week's topics, we're making today's introduction short and sweet. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
(I) SEE (= understand)   理解する(わかりました)


  • See can mean “understand”.
  • see には、理解する、という意味があります。

(I) SEE (= understand)


  1. a: You can select several files at once if you hold down the “control” key.
    b: Oh, I see!
  2. a: I'm afraid I won't be able to come in to work today. I have the flu.
    b: I see. I'll tell Mr. Morris (= their supervisor).
  3. Don't you see? I don't want to become a doctor. Art is my life!
  4. (setting up for a party)
    a: The room seems a little dark to me.
    b: I see what you mean. Let's bring in the floor lamps from the den.

英会話レッスンYou see, we knew you'd understand!