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Here's a WONDER-ful expression to learn on a Thursday!

Today's Lesson
NO WONDER   驚くに値しない、不思議ではない


  • If something is no wonder, it's not surprising.
  • no wonder とは、驚くべきことではない、という意味です。



  1. (arriving at school an hour early on the morning after daylight saving time ends)
    a: Oh, my gosh! Now I know why there's no one here yet. We forgot to set our clocks back!
    b: No wonder!
  2. No wonder you feel so hot. You've got a fever.
  3. a: The sushi was 400 yen per piece.
    b: No wonder you only had five pieces.
  4. (on the phone with a friend from home, after moving abroad)
    a: It's sunny and warm here 300 days of the year, and the people are super friendly.
    b: It's no wonder you like it there.

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