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Sometimes it's important to bend a little!

Today's Lesson
FLEXIBLE   柔軟な、融通の利く


  • To be flexible is to have the ability to change or be changed to suit the situation.

    The noun form is flexibility.
  • flexible とは、状況に応じて変えたり、あわせたりする能力があること、つまり、柔軟な、という意味です。

    名詞形はflexibility で、柔軟性、という意味です。



  1. I book all my flights with Berlitz Air because they're very flexible about cancellations. If you let them know at least three days in advance, they don't charge a cancellation fee.
  2. a: When would you have time to get together?
    b: My schedule is flexible, so pretty much any time works for me.
  3. A good employee training program should be flexible enough to cater to all kinds of learning styles.
  4. The government has decided to take a more flexible approach to pollution control.
  5. I'm a single mother, so I really need to find a job with more flexible working hours.
  6. Sorry about the last-minute change in plans, but I really appreciate your flexibility.

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