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2009.01.29(Review of 2006.07.26 edition)

If your dreams for retirement include tropical getaways and quaint European pensions (= small hotels), then you may want to make sure you have THIS kind of pension as well!

Today's Lesson


  • A pension is money paid regularly by a former employer or the government to someone after they retire.
  • pension とは、退職後に元雇用主や政府から定期的に支払われるお金、つまり、年金のことです。



  1. I'll start receiving a pension at 65.
  2. Employees have to have contributed for 25 years before they become eligible to receive retirement benefits under the government's pension scheme (= plan).
  3. I think it would be difficult to live on my government pension alone, so I've also opened an individual retirement account.
  4. Part of my monthly paycheck is automatically withheld and invested in the company pension fund (= money invested to provide employees with an income after retirement).
  5. They're offering about 200 senior employees early retirement packages that include very generous one-time pension payments.

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