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Today's expressions contain a generous dose of hyperbole, but they'll be colorful additions to your business vocabulary. So when you're feeling undervalued and need to vent, why not liven up your conversation with these righteous epithets?

Today's Lesson
SLAVE WAGES / WAGE SLAVE   ひどく安い賃金/賃金生活者


  • Slave wages are pay that is much lower than is usual for a particular job, especially when the pay is less than a living wage.

    A wage slave is someone who works for an employer and depends completely on wages or a salary in order to live.
  • slave wages とは、ある仕事に対する、通常よりもずっと低い賃金のことです。特に、生活賃金よりも安い賃金のことをさします。

    wage slave は、雇用人として働き、全ての生計を賃金や給与でまかなっている人のことです。



  1. Less than $15,000 a year for a nine-to-five factory job? Those are slave wages!
  2. I got tired of working for slave wages, so I quit.
  3. The company has a reputation for paying its local hires slave wages while paying foreign hires top dollar.
  4. I decided to start my own business because I didn't want to be a wage slave all my life.

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