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2009.05.07(Review of 2006.06.06 edition)

Welcome back! Thanks to Golden Week, our usual five-day week has shrunk to a mere two days. So what better time to take a second look at this edition from a few years back!

Today's expression includes the word “compress,” which means to squeeze something into a smaller space. For example, we compress large files so they can be sent by e-mail more easily. Now imagine what would happen if you compressed your working hours into fewer days ...

Today's Lesson


  • A compressed workweek has fewer, but longer, workdays than usual.
  • compressed workweek とは、通常よりも就業日数が少なく、一日の労働時間が長い勤務形態をさします。



  1. I used to work nine-to-five, five days a week. But now I work a compressed workweek - just 4 days a week, 10 hours a day.
  2. About 25% of our employees are on a compressed workweek.
  3. We're going to implement a compressed four-day workweek on a trial basis.
  4. My request for a compressed workweek was accepted!

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