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2009.05.21(Review of 2007.01.05 edition)

Hello again! Today's edition is here to remind all of us that, no matter how bleak things may seem, there's always hope for the future!

Today's Lesson
OUTLOOK   見通し、見解


  • The outlook for something - for example, the economy or the weather - is how it's expected to be in the future.
  • outlook とは、例えば、経済や天気などが、将来どうなるか予測されること、つまり、今後の見通し、見解、という意味です。



  1. In a televised speech, the prime minister said that the outlook for their economy is good.
  2. Most people seem to have a pretty gloomy outlook about future real estate prices.
  3. (fictional news report)
    Although the short-term outlook for crude oil shows little change from current record prices, the long-term outlook looks more hopeful.
  4. Employers in the alternative energy sector report a very positive job outlook for the next few years.

英会話レッスンMuch success to you today and always!