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This'll be a week spent talking about simple, concrete objects that you'll find close at hand in any office. These are the tools of the trade for the white-collar crowd, but have uses in the home and at school, as well. Take a look - especially at the pictures in this week's Web versions!

Today's Lesson
(tape) DISPENSER   (テープ)ディスペンサー


  • A dispenser is a machine or container that holds tape, soap, soft drinks, etc., from which you can get an amount of the item quickly and easily.
  • dispenser とは、テープ、石鹸、ソフトドリンクなどを入れ、すばやく簡単にある量だけ取り出すことができる機械や容器、つまり、ディスペンサーのことです。



  1. I'm looking for a large, weighted tape dispenser - one that I can use with standard cellophane tape.
  2. Can you refill the soap dispenser in the men's restroom? There's a big bottle of liquid soap in the stockroom you can use.
  3. (to a new employee in the company cafeteria)
    Here's a cup, and the drink dispenser is over there. It serves hot green tea, iced tea, and orange juice.
  4. (customer at department store information desk)
    Is there a cash dispenser in the store?

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