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Hello again!

Putting holes in important documents may seem an odd thing to do, but sometimes it can be the best way of bringing order to a “loose crowd” of sheets!

Today's Lesson
BINDER / (PAPER) PUNCH   バインダー/穴あけパンチ


  • A binder is a stiff cover with a clip or rings inside for holding and storing documents, magazines, etc.

    A paper punch or punch is a tool for making holes along the edge of a document so that it can be put in a ring binder.
  • binder とは、内側にクリップやリングが付いていて、書類や雑誌などを挟んで保管するための硬いカバー、つまり、バインダーのことです。

    paper punch または punch とは、リングバインダーに挟めるように、書類の端に沿って穴を開ける道具のこと、つまり、穴あけパンチのことです。



  1. (salesman to customer)
    This is our top-of-the-line planner with a premium leather binder.
  2. (foreign customer at stationery store in Kyoto)
    a: Do you carry three-ring binders?
    b: No, I'm sorry. We only have the two-ring type.
  3. This new copier can make really fast double-sided copies then collate and staple them for you. It can even make holes in the copies for binding so you don't have to use a paper punch.
  4. Could I use your two-hole punch for a minute?

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