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2009.06.02(Review of 2006.11.28 edition)

As if it isn't challenging enough to remember a ten-digit telephone number, here are a few more digits you might need to learn!

Today's Lesson
EXTENSION   内線電話、内線番号


  • An extension is a telephone connected to the main switchboard in an office, hotel, etc.

    It is also the additional number used to identify such a phone when connecting to it from the switchboard.
  • extension とは、会社やホテルなどの代表電話に接続されている電話、つまり内線電話のことです。




  1. My work number is 222-3344, extension 5566.
  2. Call the main switchboard and ask for extension 937.
  3. CALLER: I'd like to speak to John Smith, please.
    SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR: Do you know the extension?
  4. (explaining the office phone system to a new employee)
    To call someone else in the office, just dial “0” followed by their extension.

英会話レッスンThanks for calling!