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2009.06.05(Review of 2006.12.01 edition)

We've been looking at the plight of the endangered office landline all week. Now before we tell you where to send in your donations to the Save the Landline Fund, here's one more edition meant to tug at your heartstrings!

Today's Lesson


  • An outside line is a telephone line you can use to contact someone outside the office, hotel, etc., from which you are calling.
  • outside line とは、会社やホテルなどから外部の人に電話で連絡をとるために使う電話回線、つまり、外線のことです。



  1. HOTEL GUEST: How do I get an outside line?
    FRONT DESK: Just dial “9”.
  2. If you'd like to call an outside line, dial the switchboard and ask them to connect you.
  3. The office phone system won't let you access an outside line for long distance calls.

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