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Today's Lesson
ORIGINAL (idea)   独創的な(アイデア)


  • If something - for example, an idea, suggestion, or piece of writing - is original, it is fresh and interesting because it is different from others.

    Someone is original if they are creative.

    The noun form is originality.
  • アイデア、提案、執筆作品などについて original と言うと、他のものと違って新鮮で面白い、つまり、独創的な、という意味です。

    人について original と言う場合も、独創的な、という意味です。

    名詞形は originality で、独創性、という意味です。



  1. (copywriter)
    The most challenging part of the job is coming up with original ideas day after day.
  2. a: How about this for our new slogan: “Berlitz rocks!”?
    b: Surely we can think of something a little more original than that.
  3. (from a letter of recommendation)
    Jack is an immensely talented and original filmmaker.
  4. The company stays innovative by hiring young, original thinkers.
  5. It's a business idea that shows great originality. I'd be happy to back it.

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